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Home Office

The Identity Cards Act 2006 (c. 15) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that was repealed in 2011. It created national identity cards, a personal identification document and European Union travel document, linked to a database known as the National Identity Register (NIR), which has since been destroyed.

On the Identity Card Programme, Citygold provided PMO support to the Biographical Footprint Check (BFC) project. The PMO role required management of the project RAID tracker and planning activities as well as high levels of stakeholder communications. The stakeholders were other government agencies such as

The National Policing Improvement Agency was a non-departmental public body established to support UK police forces, by providing expertise in such areas as information technology, information sharing, and recruitment. This Agency has since been dissolved, and its functions absorbed into other agencies within the UK Home Office.

Citygold managed the consolidation of the NPIA estate in central London. The project involved the transition to a single flexible co-working space. To allow for the successful implementation of this project the following were required:

  • a space utilisation survey of the existing spaces
  • introduction of new technology, mobile and desktop
  • staff training on how to use the new space and technology
  • construction of new meeting spaces
  • selection of new office furniture

This project was particularly challenging as it was conducted with two key challenges:

  • a hard end date, this was driven by other government agencies that were of greater priority to the government of the day
  • the introduction of government austerity in the light of the prevailing financial crisis of the time. The impact of this was the immediate constriction on the budget for the project.