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Citygold Compliancy Services

Citygold Compliancy Services

Our specialist team offer the skills and exemplary service that you would normally associate with some of the largest global consultancies. Our geographic focus is on the African continent and Crypto or Blockchain startups looking to offer their services to one or all of the 54 countries that make up the continent.

Amongst our staff we have an array of ex-regulators, lawyers, accountants and consultants, all ready and willing to support new clients with their ongoing compliance requirements.  This combination of skillsets has extensive knowledge of insurance, financial crime, clearing system access and crypto assets to support your business needs.

As a trusted advisor we ensure your business gets the outcomes it desires whilst minimising your regulatory burden and costs.


Compliance consultancy and risk management outsourcing, to reduce your regulatory burden and minimise time spent

  • Development and/or revision of your Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Frameworks
  • Access to our dedicated Financial Crime and AML team who can help you to develop your Financial Risk Framework, train your team to meet your financial crime obligations and complete your mandatory annual independent AML audit
  • Banking, money service business and regulatory compliance support as it relates to businesses looking to engage in the cryptocurrency and blockchain financial sector.
  • Access to our specialist regtech services, offering customer and third party compliance due diligence and onboarding using our Compliance Assurance Monitoring solution
  • Use of our regtech resources to support compliance management and training

Citygold Compliance Services offer practical, friendly guidance to resolve issues in a timely, proficient way. We provide support to a wide range of businesses at different stages of their Crypto and blockchain journey. Helping them to meet their ongoing compliance obligations and supporting them as and when they need. Each of our clients benefits from a tailored approach to helping them to meet their specific requirements, as well as access to the expertise of some of Africa’s leading compliance consultants.

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Local banking and money transfer regulations regards crypto currency and blockchain

Local Security and Exchange compliance requirements and attitude towards crypto currency and blockchain technology

Compliance with international authorities